Friday, March 11, 2016

Fat Biking at Bolton Valley

Calling all fat bike enthusiasts! We are happy to announce that for the remainder of the season we will be allowing fat biking on Picnic and Valley Loops. This is very much a trial run to see how we may be able to incorporate fat biking into our Nordic Center moving forward.

If you're unfamiliar with fat biking, imagine riding a bike with 4" thick tires, trudging through snow like an off-road vehicle. The increased contact point allows the bikes to gain more traction on slick and loose surfaces. Additionally the huge volume of the tires makes for less air pressure, which helps you float above the snow.

Since this is a trail run, we are looking for your feedback. Is our terrain fit for fat biking? How are Picnic and Valley Loop for fat biking? What could be do to improve the trails for fat biking? Any and all feedback is welcome. If you do venture out onto the terrain have fun, and be sure to follow these best practices.