Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Return of Nordic!

After what seems like far too much time away, we will re-open our Nordic and backcountry terrain for skiers and snowshoers tomorrow! Between the snow we picked up on Monday and Wednesday in addition to what is in the forecast for both tonight and Friday, our coverage should be significantly better. There are certainly some slick spots out there, some of which may be difficult to see, so keep this in mind when you’re out. We will not be grooming the trails for tomorrow. We will wait for the storm to pass through before machines head out. 
Overall we do expect a significant improvement on the trails by the end of Friday, especially if this storm system delivers big as forecasters are predicting. We could be looking at significant snowfall totals. So, why not throw on your skis and welcome back Nordic? Stick out your tongue…you’ll be bound to catch more than a few flakes tomorrow. 


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  2. Great news! It's always exciting to see the return of a beloved brand like Nordic. I can't wait to see what new products and services they have to offer!

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