Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Events

Vermont's Largest Ski and Snowboard Sale kicked off last night at the Sports Center. The sale will continue each day through Monday then open back up again for the weekend of September 6-8.

This evening we'll be hosting the Labor Of Love Rail Jam. This on snow jam is the first of the season in Vermont and WCAX will be broadcasting live from the event. The photos on the right show the guys having some fun with an old logo while prepping the rail.

On Saturday we'll trade in ski boots for running shoes and get muddy in the Bolton Valley 5K Trail Run to benefit Vermont Adaptive. Come on up and run in the event or just cheer on all the runners.

We'll also be printing and selling season passes at the sale and all 2013-14 Bolton Valley Season Pass Holders get an extra 5% off on all sale items.

Save $5
This week we are running ads in the following papers and each ad has a coupon to save $5 off of a purchase of $25 or more at the sale. Clip the coupons and get the savings:

  • South Burlington's The Other Paper
  • Waterbury Record
  • Williston Observer
  • Stowe Reporter
  • Valley Reporter
  • Seven Days
  • Burlington Free Press (8/29, 8/31 and 9/5 issues)
  • Colchester Sun
  • Essex Reporter
  • Times Argus (8/29 and 8/30 issues)


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