Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nordic Terrain Currently On Hold

We plan to open for alpine skiing and riding on Friday December, 13th. 

Since there is no snowmaking on the Nordic terrain, we are fully reliant on natural snow, therefore Nordic often opens later than the alpine trails. 

A little bit of recent snowfall has helped out the base a little, putting a couple inches on top of a frozen base on most of our Nordic terrain. Our mountain ops crew will take a look soon to see if we can get a limited amount of terrain open for this weekend. 

Keep checking back here - hopefully we'll know more later today or tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: It looks like there isn't quite enough of a base to open Nordic terrain in conjunction with alpine skiing and riding this weekend. It needs about 5-8" of solid wet, heavy snow to create a good base, and we're a little shy of that amount right now. As such, barring some significant snowfall in the next two days, we don't anticipate having Nordic open until at least next week.


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