Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nordic Update

Yeah. It's all kinds of awesome in our backcountry right now.

As we've been assessing and overhauling our website/media etc this season, I just wanted to update everyone on the future of our blogs and how they'll work from here on in.

If you're looking for up-to-date conditions, snow quality, trail count etc, that information will live over in our Nordic Snow Report, which is updated twice daily. Once in the early morning with conditions for the day and once in the afternoon with projected conditions for the following day. If you're looking for basic info to plan out your day with us, head over there.

This blog will be for longer form stories and less for conditions and weather updates. We'll talk about upcoming events, interesting tidbits that you might not be aware of, and things that don't really belong in a snow report. Think of it as a way to enhance the information you're already receiving from our Nordic Snow Report. We plan on updating about once a week (give or take) when there's cool stuff to talk about.

Head over to our Nordic Snow Report page now for up-to-date conditions, weather and open trails.


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