Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nordic Terrain is Open

The Nordic Center will be open today for ungroomed cross-country skiing on our lower elevation trails. Our Ski Patrol and Mountain Operations staff were able to check on conditions this morning and determined that we have enough snowpack to for daily skiing. However, due to some bare spots, water bars and an icy base, we recommend skis with metal edges. Please note that while we've received some natural snowfall in the past few days, conditions are still considered early-season and are for advanced skiers only. Trail tickets will be $10.
Skiing not in your repertoire? You are welcome to go out for a snowshoe. We're renting snowshoes for $20, and your trail ticket also includes complementary use of our Sports Center, which offers a pool, hot tub and games.
When skiing on ungroomed natural snow trails, please be aware of hidden and unmarked obstacles, such as waterbars, stumps, rocks, and thin areas. And, keep in mind that conditions may change throughout the day. Hiking or skiing when we are closed is prohibited.


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