Friday, March 22, 2013

20" Since Tuesday Means a Great Nordic Weekend!

As of this morning, we have reached 20 inches of fresh snowfall since Tuesday. This storm has been mighty generous, leaving behind some incredible conditions in its wake. Why not capitalize on that gift by taking in the absolutely astonishing conditions that fill the backcountry here at Bolton Valley? 

For the weekend, we will have a freshly groomed 11km of skate and classic trails and the weather looks to be cooperative as well. We've been seeing some consistent sun towards the end of the week and on Saturday we have a chance of snow in the forecast. 

And if it's powder you're looking for, we have a-plenty. Check out the photo to the right. That was only taken yesterday at 6:15 there's lots of untouched stashes filling the backcountry woods. 

Take it all in. Days like these remind us why we ski in Vermont. 

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