Friday, March 1, 2013


Singing in the rain? Dreaming of a brown mud season? It’s okay Burlington, don’t sweat it Montpelier. It may not be snowy where you are, but it sure is here. In fact, we’ve picked up between 7-9 inches of snow since Wednesday and we have snow in the forecast both today, tonight and into Saturday. So if the grey and gloom is starting to get to you, just remind yourself of the magical winter paradise that awaits you at the top of the BV Access Road.

First off, the backcountry. My question is this...just what are you waiting for? It's outstanding. There are lots of places you'll find untracked powder this weekend without a doubt. This last storm really did heaps of good for any skiing in the trees, so now really is the time. Additionally, with the weekend weather looking mild, you'll be able to be at it a little longer without freezing your backside off! Snowshoeing is also a great bet right now, especially for a killer workout. 

Currently, we have some light grooming consisting of 5k for skate and 4.5k for classic. We hope to increase the amount of grooming for tomorrow and the weekend, so be sure to check the Nordic Snow Report for an update. 

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the GMARA Frigid Infliction Adventure Race! And looking ahead on the Nordic agenda, March 8th is Free Nordic Ticket Day, and you can enjoy a free Guided Backcountry Tour thanks to our partnership with the Vermont Land Trust and the community group, Friends of BV Nordic and Backcountry. 

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