Friday, March 8, 2013

Free Nordic Ticket Day!

Good morning BV Nordic and Backcountry Fans! As you may have seen on the Nordic Snow Report and BV Nordic and Backcountry Facebook Page, today is FREE Nordic Ticket Day. You show up at the Nordic Center and get your free ticket for the day. Pretty much that simple. That means you get to explore the 100km of backcountry terrain, take a spin on the 10km of both skate and classic trails or tromp through the snow and enjoy the sunshine on showshoes. We will have a free backcountry tour today starting at 1pm from the Nordic Center, so join us! The Point will also be here hosting an apr├Ęs party up in the James Moore Tavern, so once you're done on skis, grab a burger and a brew!

This weekend is also the 5th Annual Trapps to Bolton Backcountry Race and Tour.  You can read more about the race here, or sign up. Even if you're not racing from Trapp to get here, there will still be plenty to enjoy. 

This afternoon the sun is expected to roll in and stick around for the day Saturday. In fact, the sun is even trying to peek out from behind the clouds right now! The temperatures could climb into the upper 30s by Sunday, so it seems that we'll be shedding a layer and skiing on the less bundled side as we're visited by a bit of spring-like weather! Hope you get out an enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend. 

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